Fiordland National Park Cycling Tour and Trail

Love Cycling Soak in the Majesty of Fiordland National Park with a Riding Tour on a Stunning Trail Among the best parts of cycling, one that must surely be near the top of the list, is the unity a rider can feel with nature You're not just looking at nature, or thinking about it, or viewing it... ... read more.

Borland Road Mountain Bike and Cycling Tours

Rove Up the Borland Road on Stunning Cycling Tours When You Hire a Mountain Bike with Wild Rides Cut through the wilderness to bring much-needed electricity from a hydroelectric source, the Borland Road is a marvel of engineering in its own right — yet still pales in comparison to the... ... read more.

Fiordland National Park and Lake Manapouri 4×4 Tour

Fiordland National Park and Lake Manapouri 4x4 Tour Experience the Unforgettable Landscapes of The Lord of the Rings with a 4x4 Driving Tour of Fiordland National Park, Including Te Anau and Lake Manapouri What's waiting for you in the wilderness That's a question loaded with possibilities —... ... read more.

Lake 2 Lake Cycle Trail

Explore the Lake 2 Lake Trail on Cycle with Wild Rides Te Anau If you are looking for the ultimate cycling experience in the Te Anau/Fiordland area, look no further than the Lake 2 Lake Trail Te Anau is known as the ‘Walking Capital of the World’ for its proximity and easy access to the... ... read more.

Lake Manapouri Scenic Biking Tour

Looking for the Most Beautiful Mountain Riding Tour in New Zealand Try the Te Anau to Lake Manapouri Scenic Riding Tour Are you looking for the most scenic and beautiful mountain biking trail in all of New Zealand If so, then you need to experience the Lake Manapouri Scenic Trail This trail,... ... read more.

Lord of The Rings Hiking and Scenic Cycling Tour

Explore The Sets Of The Lord Of The Rings Films With Scenic Lord Of The Rings Hiking, Cycling Or Mountain Biking Tours Since the Lord of the Rings films became a global phenomenon in the early 2000s, New Zealand has become a bucket list destination for fantasy film fans from around the world... ... read more.

Southland Scenic Cycle Tour

See Southland by Cycle: Rent a Bike and Explore the Area with a Scenic Mountain Biking Tour There's no artist as innovative as Mother Nature — even when you think you've seen it all, there's always some wild place with breathtaking beauty left to discover When you can soak in that scenery up... ... read more.

Te Anau Scenic Mountain Bike Trail

Choose Wild Rides Fiordland for Your Te Anau Bike Hire and Mountain Bike Riding Tour The Te Anau/Fiordland area offers some of the very best hiking and biking trails in the world With incredible wilderness vistas that encompass everything from forests to rivers and mountains, it’s no surprise... ... read more.